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Controleur programmable Advantech - ADAM-5510


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Contrôleur programmable, liaison RS-485 et 4 emplacements modules ADAM-5000

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ADAM-5510 * Control flexibility with C programming * Complete set of I/O modules * Built-in 512 KB flash and 256 KB SRAM * ROM-DOS operating system * 4 I/O slot extensionADAM-5510-The ADAM-5510 is ideal for PC-based data acquisition and control applications. It is a compact, standalone controller with an Intel x86- based CPU running Datalight ROM-DOS. Built-in battery backup SRAM is the best choice for complex logic or data storage applications. For professional C/C++ programmers, the ADAM-5510 series application programs may be written and compiled in Inprise (Borland) Turbo C, and downloaded to the ADAM-5510. With the power of the ADAM- 5510, users can easily accomplish specialized functions which are difficult with traditional controllers. Each ADAM-5510 system can handle up to 4 I/0 slots (up to 64 I/O points).

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